Mid Height Exoskeleton

Hapo MS exoskeleton:

The HAPO MS system is a very light, passive and spring-loaded wearable exoskeleton that supports people who carry out physically demanding and repetitive tasks at mid height.

The HAPO MS supports the upper limbs, shoulders and elbows for workstations such as (but not limited to) sorting out mail, grading fruits, surgery,  deleafing and layering in glasshouses, meat processing, milking, supermarket check out and restocking, pharmacists, welding, assembly lines, manual trash sorting,  handling objects in manufacturing plants. 

It is designed for all work requiring arm assistance at 0° to 135° and in a horizontal amplitude of 180°, allowing the staff to maintain great freedom of movement.

It relieves workers assigned to workstations imposing the repetitive handling of objects with arms in front of them.

Why the HAPO MS exoskeleton?

  • Better management of productivity and performance 
  • Helps reduce absenteeism and staff turnover 
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Reduces the muscular activity of biceps by 33%
  • Reduces the muscular activity of deltoids by 16%
  • Helps the user’s balance and postural stability
  • Encourages the aging population to stay longer into the workforce
  • Helps the local population to face the staff shortage crisis

How does it work?

  • Encourages good posture and prevents slouching while working arms in front 
  • Reduces shoulder and elbow effort via double interface
  • Assists the back muscles in straightening the upper body
  • Light (1.3kg) and easy to use: Can be put on in 50 seconds and removed in 20 seconds like a backpack
  • Allows for great freedom of movement: sitting, walking, taking the stairs
  • Provides 6 Kg assistance 

Hapo MS in Dairy farming


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