Back Exoskeleton

Hapo exoskeleton:

The HAPO system is a very light, passive and spring-loaded wearable exoskeleton that supports people who carry out physically demanding and repetitive tasks.

The HAPO supports the upper body through the partial transfer of forces from the upper trunk (via the chest support) to the thighs, without compressing the spine.

This system assists in the manual handling of loads, providing support and reducing strain on the lower back.

Hapo exoskeleton in Vineyards:

Why the HAPO exoskeleton?

How does it work?

Introducing the HAPO

Ergosanté is the European leader in innovative ergonomic solutions. From upper-body modular passive exoskeleton to passive, spring-loaded back exoskeleton, they offer a range of hi-tech wearable exoskeletons for the workforce and across a wide range of industries.

Ergosanté is led by a professional team of ergonomists, biomechanics, engineers and nurses who design and supply custom made ergonomic solutions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and increase the wellbeing and productivity of workers.