Reduce back, elbow and shoulder pain
Help increase productivity & HSEQ
Help reduce injury claims, absenteeism and staff shortage


The New Zealand direct public expenditure costs $327 million per year treating lower back pain.
However, the estimated costs including loss of income and productivity is much higher at an estimated 2.6 billion per year.

In 2020, ACC received 18,960 soft-tissue injury claims from the trades sector alone, resulting in a total of 497,359 days off work at an average of 26 days per claim.

Lower back pain results in loss of motivation, fatigue, injuries, absenteeism, reduced productivity and performance.

Exxovantage’s wearable exoskeletons suits reduce lower back and musculoskeletal disorder including herniated disc.

¹Source: Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, 2020 & CHASNZ, April 27, 2022