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Back exoskeleton being used within the healthcare industry to help staff lift and carry patients

The New Zealand direct public expenditure costs $327 million per year treating lower back pain alone.​  However, the estimated cost including loss of income and productivity is much higher at an estimated $2.6 billion per year.



A very light, passive and spring-loaded wearable exoskeleton that supports people who carry out physically demanding and repetitive tasks.  The HAPO supports the upper body through the partial transfer of forces from the upper trunk (via the chest support) to the thighs, without compressing the spine.  This system assists in the manual handling of loads, providing support and reducing strain on the lower back.

  1. Reduces the load on the lower back by 30%.

  2. Improves balance and postural stability

  3. Empowers older and mobility-restricted workers to remain in the workforce

  4. Offers great freedom of movement

  5. Quick and easy to put on


A lightweight (< 0.9kg), textile exoskeleton that supports back and hip muscles when lifting objects from below hip level or when working in a forward-leaning position.​  It is designed to reduce workload, muscle fatigue and exhaustion.​

The Auxivo LiftSuit is a uniquely versatile support system that provides support for its user's back and hip muscles anytime and anywhere they need it.  As a wearable exoskeleton that is worn like clothes, it can be used in many situations where traditional means - such as cranes or conveyor belts - cannot be deployed, e.g. inside airplane holds or buildings.

Images showing the LiftSuit being used in warhouse packing, tiling, vineyards, labour, packing and roles that require frequent and prelonged bending.


The world’s number 1 wearable exoskeleton, Innophys’ Musclesuit assists with movements of up to 25.5 kgf of auxiliary force.  Lightweight and easy-to-wear, this passive exoskeleton’s air-pressure design enables it to be used for unlimited periods without power.

Picture of the Innopys Exoskeleton from the back
Example of someone wearing the Innopys Exoskeleton carrying a box of wine
Picture of the Innopys Exoskeleton from the front


Daiya exosuits augment the human body with artificial muscles and supportive technologies cultivated through constant research and development. Light-weight and easy to move in, these exosuits enable workers to bend easily, lift heavy objects and keep their sacroiliac joints supported.

Daiya is an artificial muscle exoskeleton that is flexible, light and easy to move
Example of the Daiya exoskeleton showing a user lifting a heavy box
Example of the Daiya exoskeleton showing a user using it within the warhousing industry
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