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ned to increase productivity, staff engagement and retention


OUR VISION: To augment humanity by empowering and protecting the global workforce with integrated solutions and technologies

OUR MISSION: To increase workers’ safety, productivity, longevity and wellbeing



Understanding and alleviating unnecessary suffering by our workforce


Being world leaders in next-generation integrated solutions and technologies


Delivering a stellar customer experience at every touchpoint


Empowering a workforce more diverse in age, ethnicity, identity, ability, gender, religion and culture


Prioritising an environmentally focused approach to production, distribution, waste generation and material selection


Arnaud Daurat Portrait2a.jpg

Arnaud Daurat

Global Chief Executive Officer

25 years of experience in the engineering and construction industries has equipped Arnaud with a deep empathy and understanding of the complex needs of staff. 


He believes that the best AI remains human, and is committed to using advanced technologies to build a better next generation of work for businesses, employees and communities.


Alongside his work with Exxovantage®, Arnaud has spent the last 10 years as the founding CEO of Branché Landscapes, a design and build landscaping practice based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rob Sherlock

Rob Sherlock


Rob is an investor and avid self-innovator who is fascinated by what’s next.  His focus is transformation, collaboration and growth.  With proven governance experience and deep ties throughout the Asia Pacific region, Rob brings an international and strategic lens to the Exxovantage® team.  


He is the former Global CEO and Chairman of ADK - Japan’s third largest multinational advertising network - and he spent a decade as Chief Creative Officer at Foote, Cone & Belding in the USA and Asia.

Gregory Watts

Gregory Watts


Gregory has spent the last two decades working as an advisor to startups and early-stage businesses on a global scale. He has held multiple CEO and board positions across various industries including IT, manufacturing, construction, security and architecture.

A qualified engineer and Registered Fitness Consultant, Gregory brings considerable ergonomic and wellness experience to the team, earned through his time as CEO of European health and wellbeing brand Ultralife and as Managing Director for global sports nutrition brand DY Nutrition.


Simon Bridges

Senior Advisor

Lawyer turned senior National politician and MP for Tauranga, Simon has held a raft of senior responsibilities in NZ politics including as Leader of the National Party and of the Opposition. 


He brings considerable experience to the Exxovantage® team from his wide variety of Ministerial portfolios including Economic Development, Transport, Communications, Energy & Resources, Labour, Associate Finance and Leader of the House.


Simon is also the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of National Identity and, since retiring from politics, is now acting as the CEO of the Auckland Business Chamber.

Kate Profile Pic.jpg

Kate Risbrook

Health and Ergonomics Advisor

Kate is an experienced Physiotherapist with a high level of expertise and a passion for enabling people to reach their full potential following musculoskeletal injury and surgery.  

Specialising in the field of Orthopaedics Kate has spent 20+ years working within medical teams, in the UK and New Zealand to support client rehabilitation in public and private health sectors and more recently in partnership with ACC.  

She has provided physiotherapy services to clients in emergency departments, inpatient, outpatient and community settings and lately as the owner/practitioner of EnhancedRecovery Physiotherapy Services in Auckland, NZ. 

Silvie Portrait2.jpg

Silvie Thornton

Training, Marketing & Social Media 

Silvie brings over 20 years of training and marketing experience across several sectors including IT, wellbeing, nutrition and education.


She previously held the role of Marketing Manager for Eurosport, a sports nutrition brand based in Spain, and also Ultralife, an international nutritional supplement manufacturer based in Aylesbury, UK.

Since returning to New Zealand in 2008, Silvie has worked primarily in the education sector and, more recently, as a corporate trainer and consultant for PEP worldwide.


Malcolm Garnham

Senior Advisor

Malcolm has had a wide-ranging career in the food and fibre sector in a variety of technical and management roles. 

Most recently he was a Programme Lead with the MPI's Investment Programmes Directorate.   He was engaged in developing a portfolio of projects from concept to implementation with businesses to accelerate the food and fibre sector’s 'Fit for a Better World' strategy.   The projects ranged in value from $2 million to $20 million MPI investment. 

His previous experience in the primary sector included roles in both the private and public sector including PlusGroup Horticulture, establishing Miro LP which now grows 50 hectares of blueberries and Zespri.


He also founded and operated a research and development and sustainability consultancy for many years.


Iain Lunt

Business Development Manager

Iain is a highly experienced Business Development Manager with a passion for creating relationships with his clients, adding value and finding innovative solutions to unique challenges.

For the last 24 years, Iain has worked internationally in technical sales roles across a wide range of industries.


He has previously contributed to major environmental projects for Rio Tinto Research and Technology Development in Melbourne, Australia, as well as in specialist food production laboratories.


Scott Waugh

Chief Executive Officer - Exxovantage® Australia Pty

Scott is a successful revenue growth expert and team builder with 25 years of experience building corporate brands and businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Thailand. 


Previously a GM for Nestlé Australia, Scott scaled their new division into 40+ markets, delivering over $1 billion in sales from the global headquarters.

Scott now applies his expertise to scaling up startups and corporates, and advising on the development of go-to-market strategies, customer success, sales and marketing and VC fundraising.

nick albrecht portrait.tif

Nicholas Albrecht

Senior Advisor

Nicholas is the owner and director of a government relations company Massey Coates Limited.


He previously headed Vector Limited’s government relations for over 14 years.

Nicholas has been on the Eden Park Trust board since 2018 and the Auckland Cricket board since 2014.

He is also the chair of the Victoria Park Sports and Cultural Trust. A member of the Institute of Directors. He holds a Master of Arts (Hons) in Political Studies from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University.


Lily Florence

Product Designer

Graduating from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, majoring in Interior Architecture and with several years experience in product development, Lily supports our technical team and practitioners, in the functional design of our products, with a keen eye on aesthetics.

As a trained dancer and qualified dance teacher with over 15 years experience, Lily has a deep understanding of human anatomy and movement, which has proven invaluable in the design of our augmented biomechanical exoskeletons. 


Lisa Joe

Chief PR Advisor

Lisa has over 25 years of public relations experience in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. A media relations specialist, she advises clients in numerous sectors including education, training, recruitment, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and youth consumer brands.


Lisa has previously worked for international PR agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Hill & Knowlton (London). She has also acted as Communications Manager for the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand and as the PR Manager for British book retail chain Waterstones.


Yudish Lutchmenarraidoo

Legal Advisor

Yudish brings significant legal expertise to the Exxovantage® team through a Degree in French Law, a Master 1 in Business and Private Law and a Graduate Diploma in Law, as well as a membership to the Honorable Society of the Middle Temple.

Having received his legal education in both France and the United Kingdom, Yudish has the advantage of being conversant with both legal systems and can successfully navigate legal matters deriving from either jurisdiction.

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