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Optimise Lifting Performance with Exxovantage's Exoskeletons

Boost your team's lifting capabilities with Exxovantage's exoskeletons. These exoskeletons are designed to enhance lifting performance and reduce fatigue and injury in demanding work environments. These high-quality exoskeletons are perfect for any business that relies on repetitive lifting tasks, such as Logistics and Warehouse Operations.

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Across all industries the most common cause of injury has been from Lifting, Pulling, Pushing & Bending accounting for 24% of all workplace related injuries! These are due to a variety of factors and health complications that come from tasks requiring heavy, repetitive lifting.

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries: This is the most common type of injury from heavy or repetitive lifting and includes sprains, strains, tears, and fractures. These injuries often affect the back, shoulders, and knees.

  • Hernias: Repetitive straining or lifting heavy objects improperly can lead to hernias, where an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall.

  • Chronic Back Pain: Continuous heavy lifting can lead to long-term back issues, including chronic pain, which might be due to damaged discs or vertebrae.

  • Joint Damage: Over time, heavy lifting can wear down cartilage and lead to joint problems, including osteoarthritis, particularly in the knees and hips.

  • Muscle Fatigue: Repetitive or heavy lifting can lead to muscle fatigue, which increases the risk of injuries since tired muscles are less effective at supporting joints and bones.

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs): These injuries occur from performing the same motion over and over again, leading to conditions such as tendonitis or bursitis.

Exxovantage can help alleviate this problems in the workplace thanks to our range of passive exoskeletons, designed to help alleviate the strain and fatigue that comes with heavy, repetitive lifting.


The Power of Exoskeleton Suits for Lifting


The HAPO Exoskeleton is a lightweight, spring-loaded wearable that is engineered to support individuals engaged in physically demanding and repetitive tasks. By transferring forces from the upper trunk to the thighs, the HAPO alleviates pressure on the spine, offering essential support without restricting movement.

  • Reduces Lower Back Load: Up to 30%, significantly decreasing injury risk and enhancing endurance during manual labour.

  • Improves Balance and Stability: Ensures excellent safety and confidence on uneven surfaces or when handling irregular loads.

  • Great for Older Staff: This exosuit makes it possible for older and mobility-restricted workers to continue contributing effectively, extending their working life.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Designed for ease of movement, allowing workers to bend, reach, and stretch without hindrance.

  • Easy to Use: Can be quickly and effortlessly donned, minimising downtime and maximising work efficiency.



The Auxivo Exosuit offers groundbreaking support for workers engaged in demanding physical activities. This textile-based, ultra-lightweight exosuit aids back and hip muscles during lifting tasks or when maintaining a forward-leaning stance. It's an innovative solution to reduce the physical toll on workers, minimise muscle fatigue, and prevent exhaustion.

  • Lightweight Design: Weighing less than 0.9kg ensures maximum comfort and mobility without compromising support.

  • Versatile Application: Ideal for use in environments where traditional lifting aids are impractical, such as confined spaces or areas inaccessible to machinery.

  • Easy to Put On: Functions like a piece of clothing, offering ease of use and the ability to provide support exactly when and where needed.

  • Ergonomic Support: Enhances the user's ability to perform lifting activities safely and efficiently, supporting the body's natural movements.



Innophys Musclesuit is the go-to exoskeleton for enhancing human strength and endurance. Designed to provide up to 25.5 kg of assistive force, this lightweight, air-pressure-powered suit supports a wide range of movements effortlessly without needing an external power source.

  • Unmatched Strength Support: Offers substantial assistance with movements, enabling users to lift and move heavy objects quickly.

  • Sustainable Design: Operates without power, using air pressure for unlimited usage, ensuring consistent daily performance.

  • Lightweight Comfort: Its easy-to-wear format and minimal weight ensure that it can be worn comfortably for extended periods, making it ideal for intensive work environments.

  • Versatility in Application: Perfect for various settings, from manufacturing floors to logistics and beyond, providing essential support wherever needed.


Applications of CarrySuit in Various Industries

The versatility of Exxovantage's CarrySuit extends across multiple industries, transforming how tasks involving heavy lifting and carrying are approached. Its design makes it extremely adaptable to most working environments that involve heavy lifting.

  • Construction: Enhances the capability of workers to move materials and heavier equipment effortlessly, reducing fatigue and injury risk on busy construction sites.

  • Relocation and Logistics: Streamlines moving heavy items, from furniture to freight, minimising strain on employees in the moving and logistics sectors.

  • Warehousing: Transforms picking and packing operations by enabling workers to handle heavier loads easily, boosting productivity and safety in warehouse settings.

  • Healthcare: Assists in patient handling and care, supporting healthcare professionals when transferring or assisting patients.

  • Manufacturing: Supports assembly line workers by reducing the physical toll of repetitive lifting and manoeuvring of components and finished products.


Daiya Exosuits

Daiya Exosuits offer unparalleled ease of movement, empowering workers to perform tasks that require bending, lifting, and sustained posture with reduced risk of strain or injury.

  • Artificial Muscle Support: Integrates cutting-edge technology to assist with heavy lifting and repetitive movements, significantly reducing physical fatigue.

  • Enhanced Mobility: Designed for comfort, allowing for fluid motion and flexibility in tasks that require a wide range of movement.

  • Joint Protection: These Suits provide targeted support to critical areas, safeguarding the lower back and joints during strenuous activity.


Crimson Dynamics

CDYS: Shoulder Support Exoskeleton
The CDYS Exoskeleton is designed to assist with arm lifting, catering to industries like vehicle manufacturing and construction, using a passive system that doesn't require power. It features a lightweight frame and adjustable assistance levels for user comfort.

  • Effective Shoulder Support: Provides assistance for frequent arm elevated tasks, suitable for use in a variety of industries including vehicle factories, aircraft manufacturing, shipyards, construction, and agriculture.

  • Fully Adjustable: Features 7 levels of adjustable assistance and fitting heights between 165-195 cm.

  • Ultra Lightweight: Features a lightweight carbon fibre skeleton frame (1.9KG) designed for natural movement and stable support, inspired by the human scapula's movement.

  • Innovative Design: The CDYS incorporates an anti-sliding belt (ASB) and a suspending type arm support for stable attachment without tightening.

  • Ease of Use: Utilises patented mechanical torque control technology for reduced resistance during non-working conditions, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement when assistance is not needed.

CDYB-Fit: Soft Back Support Exoskeleton
The CDYB-Fit Exoskeleton focuses on back support, utilising a soft, lightweight design to reduce back muscle fatigue and encourage ergonomic posture during daily activities, making it suitable for a wide range of work environments.

  • Ultra Lightweight: Ultra-light at 0.75Kg, offering minimal interference with natural movements.

  • Strong Back Support: Provides up to 21Kg of back muscle assistance to reduce fatigue.

  • Ergonomically Designed: Features an embedded elastic frame for adaptive support and a lightweight differential mechanism that allows for free movement.

  • Comfortable: Designed with a triple-bands system for increased stability and force output.

  • Reduce MSD Risks: Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by promoting an ergonomic posture.



The UPLIFT™ Exoskeleton is aimed at preventing workplace musculoskeletal disorders, providing support for the back, shoulders, and knees. It's adaptable for various industries, offering modularity and user-friendly activation to improve physical endurance and operational productivity.

  • MSD Prevention: Specifically designed to mitigate the risk of injuries related to muscle and skeletal stress.

  • Comprehensive Support: Offers unpowered support for back, shoulders, and knees, adapting seamlessly to the user's movements.

  • Modularity for Setting Adjustments: Adjust the assistance level to various workplace tasks, providing flexibility and efficiency.

  • Simple to Use: Simple mechanisms for activating or deactivating the support as needed, enhancing user control.

  • Enhance Endurance: By reducing fatigue and injury risk, it significantly improves workers' physical stamina.

  • Operational Efficiency Improvement: Streamlines work processes, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity through physical support and injury prevention.


The UPRISE® Tactical Exoskeleton enhances load-bearing capabilities without compromising mobility, using a passive system to reduce physical strain during demanding tasks. It facilitates the transfer of heavy gear weight directly to the ground, improving efficiency and endurance.

  • Built for Heavy Lifting: Designed to carry heavy equipment more efficiently.

  • Passively Designed: Light weight, Passive, unpowered system for enhanced mobility and endurance.

  • Effective Force Redistribution: Facilitates significant load transfer directly to the ground as opposed to other parts of the body.

  • Built for Endurance: Reduces fatigue and musculoskeletal stresses during tasks.

  • US SoF Developed: Developed in collaboration with U.S. Special Operations Forces for optimal combat performance.


Empower Your Workforce with Exxovantage

Boost your team's performance and safety with Exxovantage's cutting-edge exoskeletons. Beyond lifting, discover our comprehensive range of solutions, including workplace wearables, mid-height exoskeletons, shoulder exoskeletons, CarrySuit exoskeletons, and wrist exoskeletons. Each is designed to enhance productivity, reduce injury risk, and support your team's health. Connect with us today to get a demonstration and see what Exxovantage can do for your business!

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