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A light-weight, passive shoulder exoskeleton that supports people who carry out physically demanding and repetitive arm-lifting tasks.  The CDYS Exoskeleton supports the weight of the arms by providing dynamic assistance to reduce shoulder fatigue and the risk of musculoskeletal disorder.


  1. Offers 7 levels of adjustable assistance

  2. Supports the weight of the wearer’s arms

  3. Is suitable for wearers from 165cm-195cm

  4. Features a <2kg carbon fibre skeleton frame

The sliding and rotating mechanisms on the exoskeleton arms have been replaced by simple, lightweight belts. With the unique combination of a suspension-type arm cuff and the anti-sliding belts, support is transferred by soft textiles and no tightening is required for stable attaching.

CDYS is a super light weight shoulder exoskeleton is a passive industrial exoskeleton that supports people who carry out physically demanding and repetitive arm lifting tasks
carbon fiber skeleton frame is designed based on the movement of the human scapula
Well attached, no tightening needed.
the same size exoskeleton can fit different body types

Exoskeleton Suits - Enhancing Workforce Productivity

At Exxovantage  we provide the best in shoulder support exoskeletons, we are available across the globe in  from USA to Australia, UK to  New Zealand, Canada and Singapore.  We specialise in ergonomic solutions that enhance workplace safety and productivity. Our shoulder exoskeletons are a testament to our commitment to advanced technology and user-centric design principles.  Our shoulder exoskeletons help to reduces the strain on shoulder muscles and joints during repetitive and extended overhead work, offering support and mobility whilst encouraging proper posture. These exoskeletons are the future of workplace ergonomics, being a proactive investment capable of improving workplace productivity and ensuring workersafety. 

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The Role of Shoulder Exoskeletons in Preventing Workplace Injuries

Our shoulder exoskeletons are instrumental in mitigating workplace injuries by providing support to overused muscles, reducing fatigue, across several areas including:

  • Injury Prevention: Our shoulder exoskeletons significantly reduce the risk of shoulder-related injuries, from repetitive, high-strain overhead tasks.

  • Muscle Strain Reduction: Our exoskeletons minimises fatigue and strain by supporting shoulder muscles, providing adequate stability required for overhead work.

  • Ergonomic Support: Their design promotes natural movement while providing crucial support, reducing pressure on shoulder muscles and joints.

  • Proactive Approach to Injury Management: Effective use of our Shoulder Exoskeletons in high-risk tasks substantially mitigates the potential of workplace-related injuries, reducing costs associated with injury claims, staff shortages, and employee turnover.

Implementing our shoulder exoskeletons in the workplace is a proactive strategy to improve safety and efficiency amongst your workforce. 


Improve Workplace Productivity & Finances

Our Shoulder Exoskeletons not only mitigate the strain and injury experienced from strenuous labour, they also help to mitigate operating costs and improve overall productivity! Reduced strain, means reduced fatigue leading to reduced down time to rest.  This in turn allows for more work to be done in the same shift. A reduction in injuries means a reduction in LTIs and your trained staff on the job, not sitting at home as well workers comp cost savings incurred by injury claims!


How Shoulder Exoskeletons are Transforming Manual Labour

Shoulder exoskeletons are changing the landscape of manual labour:

Reducing Physical Strain: They alleviate the strain on shoulder muscles, a common issue in labour-intensive tasks.

  • Boosting Work Efficiency: Workers can perform tasks with greater efficiency for extended periods.

  • Promoting Proper Body Mechanics: Our exoskeletons encourage correct posture, reducing the potential of long-term injuries in your workforce.  

  • Adaptable to Various Tasks: Our exoskeletons offer numerous adjustable features, being suitable across different sectors and industries.

  • User-Friendly Design: Developed under the premise of comfort and stability, employees easily accept our shoulder exoskeletons, embracing the benefits of their ergonomic support.  They are fast to don/doff at an average time of only 10 seconds, like a backpack

These manual labour innovations contribute to a healthier work environment, increasing productivity and worker satisfaction.


The CDYS Shoulder Exoskeleton

OThe CDYS Exoskeleton is the gold standard in shoulder supported exoskeletons, with a variety of features that make it stand out from the competition::

  • Adjustable Assistance: Shoulder supports can be adjusted to provide more or less shoulder support depending on the users preference

  • Arm Weight Support: The CDYS directly reduces the burden on the arms and shoulders during labour-intensive tasks, enhancing productivity and reducing employee fatigue.

  • Universal Fit: Suitable for individuals from 165cm to 195cm in height.

  • Lightweight Frame: The product features a carbon fibre skeleton weighing less than 2kg, offering ease of movement for all users.

  • Innovative Design: The sliding and rotating mechanisms of standard exoskeleton arms are replaced by lightweight belts for simplicity.

  • Comfortable Attachment: The CDYS utilises a suspension-type arm cuff and anti-sliding belts, ensuring support without excessive tightening.

The CDYS Exoskeleton is a premium example of an innovative, ergonomic design tailored to reduce fatigue and risk in highstrain, overhead tasks.

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Other Shoulder Exoskeletons we Provide

Auxivo DeltaSuit

  • Overhead Exoskeleton Design: Specifically crafted for tasks that require overhead work, ensuring ergonomic support.

  • Hybrid Design: Integrates the best features of passive and active exoskeletons, offering dynamic support.

  • Adjustable Support Levels: Users can customise the level of assistance based on the task at hand, enhancing versatility.

  • Lightweight Materials: Constructed with materials that offer strength without adding significant weight, optimising user comfort.

  • Enhanced Shoulder Support: Provides targeted support to the shoulder area, reducing muscle fatigue and the risk of injury.

  • Ergonomic Performance: Designed to improve posture and reduce the strain on the body during repetitive or strenuous tasks.

Mawashi Uplift

  • Muscle Assistive Device: Designed to support and assist muscles during strenuous activities.

  • Prevents Musculoskeletal Disorders: Aims to reduce the risk of injuries related to musculoskeletal strain.

  • Back, Shoulder, and Knee Support: Provides targeted support to crucial body parts to alleviate strain and fatigue.

  • No External Power Source Required: Operates without the need for batteries or external power, ensuring continuous and reliable support.

  • Versatile Design: Suitable for a wide range of activities and industries, enhancing user performance and safety.


  • Bio-Inspired Design: Mimics honeycomb structure for strength and minimal material use.

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 1.67 kg.

  • Quick Setup and Removal: Less than 50 seconds for setup and under 20 seconds for removal.

  • One Size Fits All: Universal fit.

  • Load Assistance: Up to 3.8 kg per arm without external energy.

  • Material: Water repellent and breathable fabric, with carbon arms and composite blade​

Exxovantage 4.1.jpg

Empower Your Team with Exxovantage's Ergonomic Solutions

Improve the safety and productivity of your workforce with our range of innovative ergonomic solutions:

Request a demo today and explore how our products can transform your workforce's health, safety, and productivity.

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