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Exoskeletons for Industrial Workers

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Exxovantage specialises in exoskeleton & workplace safety technology to improve the performance and safety of industrial workers. Our products are designed to improve endurance and reduce complications from physical strain and injuries, leading to a more efficient and sustainable workforce. By focusing on practical solutions, we aim to improve workplace ergonomics and productivity.

Workplace injuries go beyond a simple scrape or bump, it can have significant real world impact. In 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that:

  • Workplace Injuries increased by 4.5% compared to the previous year

  • The top 3 contributors to workplace injury accounted for almost 75% of all workplace injuries.

    • Overexertion & Bodily Reaction (1,001,440; 30% of injuries)

    • Contact with objects & equipment (780,690; 23% of injuries)

    • Falls, Slips & Trips (674,100; 20% of Injuries)

  • This contributed to over 73 of all workplace injuries

  • Logistics & Production occupations accounted for over 37% of all occupational Injuries

The implementation of exoskeletons & workplace wearables to your workforce can help to significantly reduce these injuries, improve productivity and overall workplace morale.

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Our Industrial Applicable Exoskeletons

Our exoskeleton suits are a perfect fit for industrial workers, aiding in effective task performance allowing for improved endurance and reduced strain. These ergonomic devices are designed to significantly reduce the risk of injuries, enhance worker well-being and improve overall productivity. Our range of exoskeletons cover a wide range of movements and tasks, from lifting & leaning to overhead work and wrist stability.

  • Workplace Wearables: Integrated sensors and real-time data analysis in these workplace wearables monitor health metrics, posture & positioning, enhancing safety and ergonomics in the industrial environment.

  • Back Exoskeletons: Specifically engineered to support the lower back, these back exoskeletons alleviate strain during lifting and bending, thereby preventing back injuries and fatigue.

  • Mid-height exoskeletons: Designed to support the body's midsection, these devices are ideal for tasks that require bending or repetitive movement, reducing mid-torso stress and enhancing stability.

  • Shoulder Exoskeletons: These shoulder exoskeletons provide support to the shoulder area, ideal for overhead work, reducing the risk of shoulder injuries and increasing endurance in tasks requiring arm elevation.

  • Carrysuit Exoskeleton: A comprehensive solution for manual handling, the Carrysuit exoskeleton assists in lifting and moving heavy objects, distributing weight evenly to reduce physical strain.

  • Wrist Exoskeletons: Support wrist movements; these exoskeletons are perfect for precision tasks, mitigating the risk of wrist strain and enhancing fine motor skills in industrial operations.


Redefining Workplace Ergonomics

Exxovantage's industrial exoskeleton suits are pivotal in redefining workplace ergonomics, offering structured support to enhance worker efficiency and safety.

For Exoskeletons

  • Customised Support: These suits adapt to various body types and work demands, improving posture and reducing strain on the musculoskeletal system.

  • Enhanced Movement: They allow for a broader range of motion, enabling workers to perform tasks more efficiently and precisely.

  • Reduced Fatigue: By alleviating physical stress, these suits help to diminish worker fatigue and boost overall productivity.

For Workplace Wearables

  • Integrated Technology: Incorporating responsible AI and ethical data analytics, the suits provide insights into optimal ergonomic practices, fostering a safer work environment.

  • Proactive Health Monitoring: Real-time biometric data helps identify potential health risks, preventing workplace injuries before they occur.

This innovative tech is integral to establishing a safer, more adaptable, and efficient workplace, marking a significant advancement in industrial ergonomics.

  • Adaptability: These devices are designed to fit various industrial applications, ensuring workers in different sectors benefit from enhanced productivity and safety.


The Benefits of Industrial Use Exoskeletons

Exxovantage's exoskeleton technology is crucial in mitigating work-related injuries, improving productivity & saving businesses money within the industrial sector. By integrating these devices into daily operations, Your business can expect to see improvements across a variety of areas.

  • Support and Stability: Exoskeletons offer physical support to the musculoskeletal system, reducing the strain on workers during lifting and other strenuous activities.

  • Efficiency Improvement: Workers equipped with exoskeletons can operate more efficiently, leading to faster completion of tasks and a higher overall output.

  • Injury Prevention: By enhancing natural movement and reducing fatigue, our exoskeletons lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, as well as fatigue induced injuries.

  • Financial Savings: Decreasing the rate of work-related injuries leads to lower costs related to medical expenses, compensation, and lost productivity.

  • Sustained Workforce Performance: Workers can perform at their best with better support and reduced injury rates, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Exxovantage can help you to retain staff, reduce down time and boost productivity.


Custom Solutions for your Industrial Business

Our exoskeleton solutions are adaptable to various industrial applications, demonstrating their versatility in enhancing worker safety and efficiency. By conducting thorough audits and analysis, Exxovantage can identify the blind spots in your workplace safety & logistics and provide data driven, evidence based solutions to improve safety and productivity.

Get In Touch with Exxovantage Today

Discover how Exxovantages can transform your industrial operations and contribute to a more sustainable, productive, and safe working environment, get in touch with us. Our team is ready to provide the information and support you need to make an informed decision about integrating these innovative solutions into your workforce.

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