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The CarrySuit is a passive, upper-body exoskeleton that reduces the load on the hands, arms, shoulders and back when carrying and holding heavy loads. It consists of a rigid exoskeleton frame, spanning from the user’s hip to above the shoulders. It can be directly connected via an adapter to external payloads.


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The CarrySuit is designed to support all work that requires holding and carrying heavy loads including applications in construction, relocation, warehousing and logistics.



The CarrySuit: Upper Body Exoskeleton

The CarrySuit is an innovative upper-body exoskeleton designed to significantly reduce the strain on workers' upper bodies, making lifting and carrying tasks far less taxing. This exosuit allows for easier lifting of heavy objects while reducing strain on critical joints and relieving tension in core muscles.


Across all industries acts like pushing, pulling & lifting have accounted for just under a quarter of total workplace injuries. The injuries related to pushing, pulling and lifting can vary greatly including:

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries: Commonly include injuries like sprains, strains, and fractures, mainly impacting the back, shoulders, and knees due to heavy lifting.

  • Hernias: Can arise from improper lifting techniques or repetitive strain, leading to internal body parts protruding through muscular or tissue weaknesses.

  • Chronic Back Pain: Persistent lifting may cause ongoing back problems, attributed to damaged spinal discs or vertebrae.

  • Joint Damage: Heavy lifting over time may degrade cartilage, causing joint issues such as osteoarthritis, especially in knees and hips.

  • Muscle Fatigue: Lifting repetitively or excessively can cause muscles to tire, raising the risk of injury by compromising muscle support for joints and bones

  • Fatigue-Induced Accidents: Exhaustion from heavy and repetitive lifting can lead to decreased alertness and slower reaction times, increasing the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.

With the CarrySuit, businesses across various industries are witnessing a notable decrease in workplace injuries & fatigue and are seeing an increase in overall productivity. The Carrysuit is a sound investment for any business that wants to keep productivity high and downtime from workplace injury low.


How CarrySuit Enhances Upper Body Strength and Endurance

The CarrySuit is an ergonomically designed upper body Exoskeleton intended to assist with heavy lifting by offsetting the weight experienced in the upper body and moving it to the torso. The Upper Body Exoskeleton is built with a rigid frame that goes from the hips and extends over the shoulders. It comes with two snap hooks to attach to whatever heavy object needs lifting. This innovative design ensures weight is distributed to the hips, taking pressure off the upper extremities when lifting.

Depending on the part of the body, the load reduction on the muscle can be anywhere between 20-60%, with some parts of the body, like the biceps and abdomen, experiencing a load reduction of over 90%. This reduced load means that workers can perform demanding tasks for longer periods without rest.

By integrating CarrySuit into operations, businesses can improve their employees' health and enhance their capacity to perform at their best, proving it's essential for any business looking to improve their operations.

  • Ergonomic Design: Designed to complement natural body movements, the CarrySuit supports without restricting freedom of motion, allowing for fluid and efficient task execution.

  • Weight Distribution: The upper body exoskeleton minimises strain normally experienced on multiple muscle groups and joints by redistributing weight from the upper body to the hips.

  • Muscle Fatigue Reduction: The CarrySuit's technology is specifically engineered to decrease muscle fatigue in the upper body. Workers can perform repetitive tasks longer, with significantly reduced physical toll.

  • Injury Prevention: Reducing load in the upper body during heavy lifting and repetitive tasks lowers the risk of musculoskeletal disorders & sudden injury.

  • Adaptability: Suitable for various industries, from manufacturing to logistics, its versatility ensures that every worker benefits from increased stamina, regardless of their role.


Design and Features of CarrySuit – A Breakthrough in Upper Body Exoskeletons

The CarrySuit is creatively designed to be lightweight, adjustable and customisable for use in most body types and attachable to most objects. Its innovative design means you have an upper-body exoskeleton that is adaptable to any kind of worker and industry.

  • Lightweight Material: Constructed from advanced materials, the CarrySuit comes in at just 5.6kg.

  • Adjustable Fitting: the CarrySuit is adjustable in the back, hips and shoulders, accommodating many body types and ensuring optimal support and effectiveness for every user.

  • Adapters for Hooks: Not all heavy items can just be hooked onto, which is why the CarrySuit comes with various adapters to suit the type of object that needs lifting.

  • Ready to Use: The CarrySuit requires no batteries, chargers or cables. Just place on the exosuit, strap in, and you are ready to go!


CarrySuit's Ergonomic Design for Optimal Upper Body Support

The CarrySuit sets a benchmark in ergonomic design for upper-body support, distinguishing itself from other upper-body exoskeletons. By shifting the burden to the hips, the CarrySuit alleviates the burden on the hands, arms, shoulders, and spine joints. The suit's rigid frame extends from the hip to above the shoulders, incorporating an adapter for seamless connection to external payloads.

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Applications of CarrySuit in Various Industries

The versatility of Exxovantage's CarrySuit extends across multiple industries, transforming how tasks involving heavy lifting and carrying are approached. Its design makes it extremely adaptable to most working environments that involve heavy lifting.

  • Construction: Enhances the capability of workers to move materials and heavier equipment effortlessly, reducing fatigue and injury risk on busy construction sites.

  • Relocation and Logistics: Streamlines moving heavy items, from furniture to freight, minimising strain on employees in the moving and logistics sectors.

  • Warehousing: Transforms picking and packing operations by enabling workers to handle heavier loads easily, boosting productivity and safety in warehouse settings.

  • Healthcare: Assists in patient handling and care, supporting healthcare professionals when transferring or assisting patients.

  • Manufacturing: Supports assembly line workers by reducing the physical toll of repetitive lifting and manoeuvring of components and finished products.


Transforming Workplaces with CarrySuit's Upper Body Exoskeleton Technology

Embrace the future of workplace safety and efficiency with Exxovantage's CarrySuit. This upper-body exoskeleton is just the beginning. Explore our range of innovative solutions, including workplace wearables, back exoskeletons, mid-height exoskeletons, shoulder exoskeletons, and wrist exoskeletons, each designed to enhance well-being and productivity. Reach out to Exxovantage today and gain from the numerous benefits provided by our Exoskeletons & Workplace Wearables.

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