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Join us at the National Safety Show I 20 - 21 June 2023, Auckland Showgrounds, Booth 2127

Exxovantage® is a fully integrated workplace solution provider and we solve human and business problems with responsible artificial intelligence, ethical data analytics, wearables and exoskeletons.

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Small, medium and large companies deploy the solutions and technologies to increase productivity, safety, staff engagement, attraction and retention while reducing injury claims, hiring and training costs, staff turnover and staff shortage.

Exxovantage®'s objective is zero harm, to allow workers to perform their daily tasks without injury or musculoskeletal disorders.

We empower, support and augment talents in Aviation, Defence, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Primary Industries, Horticulture and Mining.

Exoskeletons and exosuits are supporting structures that are worn on the body and relieve strain on the musculoskeletal system while working. Designed to reduce costs, increase productivity and support wellbeing.

Find out how we empower, support and augment your talents.

Request a demo and start your transformation today!

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