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  • Advanced Back Exoskeleton Solutions for Workplace Safety
    Exxovantage are a leading supplier in back exoskeletons for workplace safety. Our services span across the globe, providing meaningful workplace assistance in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, UK and Europe. Back injuries from improper posture and repetitive heavy lifting are one of the leading causes in workplace injuries. These issues impact a large variety of industries, which is why we provide a variety of ergonomically designed exoskeletons, designed to offset the strain experienced in the back when lifting as well as helping to encourage proper posture. Back exoskeletons not only help ensure workplace safety, they are also sound business investment. Our back exoskeletons help to improve productivity, improve employee attraction and retention, reduce down time from exhaustion and injury, and reduce costs from workplace injury claims. The Benefits of Using Back Support Exoskeletons in Manual Labour <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Our back support exoskeletons are helping to change the workplace landscape for the better, with benefits including:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li><strong>Back Injury Prevention</strong>: Our Back Exosuits dramatically reduces the risk of back injuries.</li> <li><strong>Enhanced Productivity</strong>: With additional support from our back exoskeletons, workers are able to work more efficiently and reduce general fatigue.</li> <li><strong>Improved Posture</strong>: Our exo-suits help to promote proper spinal alignment and posture, which helps to prevent any long term injuries that can be sustained through poor posture.</li> <li><strong>Ergonomically Designed</strong>: Our suits are designed to be comfortable, wearable and easy to use, having minimal impact on free movement.</li> <li><strong>Weight Distribution</strong>: Our suits help to better distribute the load across the body, reducing pressure on the back and joints.</li> <li><strong>Adaptability</strong>: Our back exoskeletons are adaptable to all forms of manual labour, and are easily adjusted for people of most heights.</li> </ul> <p>Back Exoskeletons help to increase productivity, HSEQ, ESG performances, staff engagement, attraction and retention of staff, while reducing costs, injury claims, lost time injuries and staff shortages.</p>

Exoskeleton Suits - Enhancing Workforce Productivity

Exxovantage is at the forefront in innovation for workforce productivity and safety across the globe. With our range of exoskeleton suits, we focus on improving workplace productivity and reducing workplace injuries for countries across the globe including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Europe. We are uniquely positioned to help improve the capabilities of workers through our innovative exoskeleton technology. These exoskeletons are a game changer for businesses looking to build safer, more efficient, and sustainable work environments.

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Features of Our ExoSuits

The exoskeletons for sale at Exxovantage, are ergonomically designed to help minimise workplace injuries  such as repetitive strain, lower back problems, repetitive heavy lifting and general strain and fatigue from labour intensive tasks.

  • Ergonomic Design: These Exosuits are designed to be comfortable, unobtrusive and ergonomically efficient.

  • Advanced Support: Our Suits minimise strain and fatigue in the workplace, by providing assisted support to the targeted muscles.

  • Customisable Fit: Designed to fit for a healthy range of body types, our exosuits can easily be adjusted to fit for any body in any line of work..

  • Durability: Built to endure, these suits can withstand the rigours of different workplace settings.

  • Financially Effective: Our Exoskeletons help to increase productivity, HSEQ, ESG performances, staff engagement, attraction and retention of staff, while reducing costs, injury claims, lost time injuries and staff shortages.

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Exosuits for Sale - A Fusion of Ergonomics and Economics

Exxovantage offers a range of exosuits that are designed to target and assist key muscle groups to help minimise strain, injury and exhaustion. We offer a healthy range of products including:

  • Workplace Wearable Sensors: Enhancing worker safety with real-time data and analytics.

  • Back Exoskeletons: Support the upper and lower back and hips, ideal for lifting or tasks that require you to be bent over for extended periods of time.

  • Mid Height Exoskeletons: These Exosuits are designed to Support the upper limbs, shoulders and elbows for various physical activities.

  • Shoulder Exoskeletons: Designed to Ease shoulder strain in overhead tasks.

  • Carrysuit Exoskeletons: Designed for passive usage, upper-body exoskeleton that reduces the load on the hands, arms, shoulders and back when carrying and holding heavy loads, improving strength and stability.

  • Wrist Exoskeletons: Increase support to your wrist during load and tool handling. It offers support and reduces repetitive strain injuries.

The Benefits of Wearing Exosuits at Work

Wearable exoskeletons have a host of tangible benefits to the workforce:

  • Reduced Fatigue: Exosuits enable workers to perform longer and more productively by alleviating muscle strain and overall fatigue.

  • Injury Prevention: These suits help to significantly decrease the likelihood of work-related injuries, from things like overexertion, poor posture or general musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Improved Posture: Our Exosuits are designed to encourage proper body alignment, this can help to minimise back injuries in particular.

  • Ease of Use: Our Exosuits are designed to be easily equipped, which means minimal down time getting set up.

This modern approach to workplace safety provides effective, measurable improvements to the health and safety of employees engaged in labour-intensive tasks.


Understanding the Cost-Benefits of Passive Exoskeletons

Investing in passive exoskeletons provide a multitude of cost benefits including:

  • Reduced Injury Costs: Our Exoskeletons help reduce the financial cost from workplace injury claims, as well as costs incurred by delays resulting from injuries.

  • Increased Productivity: Our suits help to enhance worker efficiency, improve worker retention rates and improve overall happiness and quality of life for staff.

  • Long-term Health Savings: Our suits help to improve overall quality of life in the workplace, helping to reduce down time from exhaustion and losing staff to potential injuries.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Passive exoskeletons require minimal maintenance so no need to worry about upkeep fees or maintenance costs.

Our Passive Exoskeletons help boost productivity, mitigate downtime due to exhaustion or injury and overall improve the standard of quality for performance in the workplace.

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Exoskeleton Suit Applications in Various Industries

Our exoskeletons are designed to be adaptable to a multitude of industries, regardless of the type of work our suits are built for use in every sector including sectors such as:

  • Aviation: Aviation maintenance and repair is an intensive and demanding work that requires technicians and maintenance crew to consistently produce impeccable results. Our Exosuits help to reduce that physical strain and pressure that comes from complex aircraft maintenance tasks, helping to ensure a maintained standard of quality and helping to ensure aircraft safety standards are met.

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  • Defence: Logistics for military operations needs to ensure that it is running continuously and effectively, having reliable able bodies on the ground is imperative for ensuring a properly maintained Defence force. Our Exosuits are perfect for all facets of military from heavy lifting, to repair and maintenance of military vehicles & equipment.

  • Mining: Our passive exoskeletons make for an invaluable asset in mining and excavation work. Mining is a physically demanding and our exoskeletons are egronomically designed to help offset that physical demand, ensuring more productivity, less down time and more staff available thanks to reduced injuries.

  • Manufacturing: Our exoskeletons are engineered to minimise workplace fatigue and injury, from repetitive tasks usually experienced in the manufacturing industry.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare professionals such as nurses, carers and surgeons, especially those working in aged care, are often faced with strenuous tasks especially when having to lift or move patients. Our exosuits provide essential assistance, in lower and upper back support to help alleviate strain allowing caregivers to provide better care and service to their patients.

  • Construction: The construction industry requires a lot of strenuous physical work, often involving having to hold uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time, which is compounded by the heavy equipment they need to be carrying as well. Exoskeleton suits are tailored to reduce strain imposed by these working conditions making it easier to handle heavy tools and provide an overall higher quality of work.

  • Logistics: The physical demands of handling heavy packages and materials are a core issue for the Logistics Sector. Exxovantage exoskeleton suits are designed to help with lower and upper back support, helping to assist in heavy lifting as well as improving overall posture when lifting.

  • Retail: Retail is a Service in constant demand both on the floor and in the warehouse. Tasks such as stacking shelves or moving merchandise can lead to injuries from repetitive strain and musculoskeletal issues. Our Exosuits are designed to offset onsite injuries thanks to their ergonomic design which helps to offset the burden when performing these tasks.

  • Primary Industries: Primary Industries like Agriculture are a very physically demanding field, requiring constant physical engagement.. Exxovantage exoskeleton suits are a boon to agricultural workers, offering relief from the strain associated with tasks such as planting, harvesting, lifting heavy loads and the demanding tasks involving farm animals.

  • Horticulture: Horticulture requires constant physical demand from strenuous tasks such as planting, pruning, harvesting and other general labour focused tasks. Our exosuits are designed to assist and offset the strain that comes from tending to plants and crops, as well as any heavy lifting that may be involved.

Benefits to organisations

Optimise Workplace Safety and Performance with Exxovantage

Exxovantage has been helping businesses internationally with workplace safety and performance to a resounding success. Our Services can help you to reduce workplace injury, improve productivity and reduce injury related expenses.
Contact us today and arrange a meeting to explore how Exxovantage can revolutionise your business.

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