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Robotic Revolution Coming to Construction - Workers suit up for the future

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

BuildIT interviews Arnaud Daurat, Global Chief Executive Officer of Exxovantage about the #futureofwork and how our solutions and technologies are augmenting, empowering and supporting the global workforce in #trades and #construction.

Exxovantage global chief executive Arnaud Daurat says that although the uptake of wearables for construction workers is in its infancy, the technology is a no-brainer for building-related businesses.

“The mindsets and stigmas around getting help, especially in construction, are still quite raw,” he says.

“It’s a macho environment with a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. Many workers know the job is hard but consider it’s all just part of the work.

“But now we’re saying you don’t have to feel pain while doing your job.

Productivity and safety are key but Daurat says there are three more keywords industry leaders should focus on—engagement, attraction and retention. “You want a worker to feel empowered and supported. If a worker has the choice of going to two companies and one says, ‘We have the technology to support you while you’re with us’ and the other company has nothing, who will the worker go to?”

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