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Wearable tech protects workers - Interview from NZ Business

NZ Business interviews Arnaud Daurat, Global Chief Executive Officer of Exxovantage the Kiwi business deploying exoskeletons and wearable tech to reduce injuries and future-proof workforces.

Exxovantage combines exoskeletons and exosuits, workplace wearables, AI, data analytics and cutting-edge risk management tools to increase operational efficiencies for the logistics, manufacturing, retail, aviation, defence, construction, dairy farming, horticulture, mining and healthcare sectors.

In the current climate of stark skill shortages, lost time to injuries, and a focus on the mental health of the nation's workforce, supporting manual labour tasks with robotics and data analytics may reduce the cost of staff turnover and close the skills gap — while boosting staff engagement and productivity.

"We are solving human, technical, and business challenges to increase productivity and staff wellbeing. It's a privilege to partner with sectors and businesses to protect their most important asset - their people."

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