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Work Should Not Hurt - Roofers Exoskeleton Pilot

Exxovantage undertake a pilot with Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ) and Roofing Association of New Zealand to demonstrate the benefits of using back exoskeletons in the roofing industry

Pictured is Paul Stanley Boden, one of NZ's best roofer fitted with Exxovantage back exoskeleton - a lightweight support system designed to reduce musculoskeletal strain and fatigue. These are ideal for people who carry out physically demanding and repetitive tasks….like our roofers do.

This pilot will enable Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ) to see how our exoskeletons suit people doing commercial metal roofing and membrane roofing work. During the pilot, we will be measuring practicality, impact on recovery, and how it makes tasks easier.

Our roofers will be wearing Firstbeat heart rate monitors giving us 24 hour bio-feedback under the watchful eye of Dr Kelly Dale.

Source and full article here from Work Should Not Hurt, Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ)

Exxovantage®’s vision is to empower and protect our workforce with integrated solutions and technologies. Thank you Chris Polaczuk, Construction Health and Safety NZ (CHASNZ), Jenny Maxwell, Roofing Association of New Zealand, Dr. Kelly Dale, Paul, Reuben and Louis for helping us achieve our vision.

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